View Full Version : 20th Nato Open Brussels

Andy W.
-26th November 2004, 18:05
Anyone thinking of entering this event on 26/27th Feb 2005, or anyone been before?

Age range 1988 to 1996.

Boys and girls.

Foilling Around
-26th November 2004, 22:58
Never heard of it, sounds interesting, any website or details?

Andy W.
-27th November 2004, 07:23
I have seen its been running in previous years and have only got a few details for next year from Nahouw which are:

20th Nato Internatonal Challenge in Brussels and the age groups above, with an address for the comp itself. I tried emailing the organiser weeks back at alliance@intelstrat.net but have yet to get a reply.

Dates 26th and 27th Feb. (not our half term unfortunately)

If you are thinking of travelling don't use Eurostar taking weapons on it is complicated and risky!

-16th December 2004, 09:57
An overview of last years competition is available at:


All the dates are obviously wrong, but the
general details should be correct.

[I'm trying to get the page updated]

Full current details (in French) should be available at:


Andy W.
-29th January 2005, 09:57
We are booked in (flights and all) to attend the girls 'Minimes' (born 92 &91 ) on the Saturday 26th at 12.30,,, anyone else going?

Interestingly, my 12 year old will be using a size 5, which is the opposite of our experience of the continent where the blade sizes are usually smaller than the UK ones. She is going to need to strenghten her arm and grip!