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-3rd June 2003, 12:22

Just bought a load of second hand kit, all in good condition, off a guy who doesnt fence any more. Electric sabre mask, lame jacket, overlay, full torso plastron, a steam and an electric foil. Well impressed. Some of this will sell on to beginners in my club cheap, some can be spares.

Its worth watching ebay you see? Some good stuff goes cheap on there.

You can also import new kit from the states for a lot less than you would pay over here (bear in mind the coming CE regulations) Just be aware that you get what you pay for. But if you only want some kit to start you off, particularly the lame jackets are worth looking at:


$38 buy-it-now plus about $22 for shipping is $60 = 37, which isnt bad at all for a foil lame.

Just thought I would mention it, as I know the prohibitive cost of equipment put me off getting my own for some time, and particularly my club is very stretched for kit at the moment, due to the hordes of beginners we seem to have all of a sudden...


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-3rd June 2003, 18:02
Originally posted by hokers
due to the hordes of beginners we seem to have all of a sudden...

Hordes of beginners in Guildford??? Send some of them down the road! I'm feeling lonely!

Dave Hillier
-3rd June 2003, 18:30
speaking of cheap kit... Has any one bought any thing from Rome(I might have got this wrong) fencing?

They advertise in the sword but I don't know anyone who has bought anything from them.