View Full Version : London 2012 Volunteering!

-14th December 2004, 12:44
You can regester to volunteer for London 2012 at:


They need about 70,000 volunteers in total

but believe that people volunteering now will improve the chances of a suscessful bid!!

Touché Turtle
-14th December 2004, 13:36
Good grief!
i've no idea what I'm doing next month, let alone in 8 years time!
I might be busy!.....:rolleyes:

-28th December 2005, 18:42
its a bit of a classroom classic, 'i need 3 volunteers', 15 hands go up before they even know what you want, teacher selects the 3 volunteers who have to spend lunch time scraping gum from under tables for the OfSTED 'under tables' inspector.

now that i have volunteered i could end up picking up litter on the 2am to 6am shift or, since my glass is half full, being a line judge for beach volleyball



-28th December 2005, 18:55
Dear All,

I have signed up British Fencing as we are going to need fencing volunteers for the fencing events in 2012.


-28th December 2005, 22:21
Keith - does that mean that you have signed up ALL the members??? I mean, I don't want to volunteer TWICE now, do I ??;)

-29th December 2005, 09:53
Dear Maggie,

It means have signd up British Fencing as we will have to find fencing volunteers, which I hope will not be a problem.

Obviously it may well be that people wish to volunteer to help with other sports and other duties.

Best wishes,


Sabre Dude
-29th December 2005, 10:02
I don't mind helping with fencing if you need volunteers. This is if I don't suddenly have a talent burst and fence in them, which lets face it, is highly unlikely!!

-29th December 2005, 11:31
Number one son was a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. His main job was replenishing the fridges in the athletes' village with drinks. Failrly menial, but he got to meet lots of interesting people - and developed an amazing interest in netball.