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-16th December 2004, 10:02
The Fifth Dieppe Youth International will take place on weekend of the 15th May 2005, and consist of events in five categories - Épée for U13 and U15 age groups and Foil for U11, U13 and U15 age groups.

Details are available at:

or contact me by e-mail.

Andy W.
-9th January 2005, 12:57
We have been to this event for the last two years and can recommend it as a well run and friendly introduction to fencing overseas. Last year in my daughter's age group (U13) there were French, Danish, German and Belgians in addition to English and Scots. A lack of spoken French will not be a problem as there are plenty of organisers from the UK and/or locals who speak English to set you in the right direction. The standard can be very high but even so everyone gets at least a full set of poule fights plus DEs.

They have good prizes in addition to reasonable, clean and comfortable accomodation in Dieppe at a hostel if you don't want to find your own Hotel.

It is worth the trip just to see how much more support fencing gets in France than in the UK.

Travel via the ferries is cheapish if you book ahead. Speedferries via Boulonge is£50 return> The direct route via Newhaven to Dieppe can be a bit rough and the crossing is a lot longer. (The Hypermarkets are also better in Boulogne and Calais. )