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-16th April 2003, 14:11

Nice to see another fencing forum getting started.

I've seen some cross-pollenation between here and fencing.net. Nice to see the community growing.


-16th April 2003, 14:16
Maybe we can getyou added to our links in the forum page in lp.

-16th April 2003, 14:37
Just doing lots of displacement activities other than working in the sunny weather and came across the Fencing Forum. Hello to all :) I'll get the real fencer in the family to sign on later.

-16th April 2003, 14:42
Hello I am on a laptop but my work wont let me go out on to the roof. Dam those rules. :grin:

-16th April 2003, 14:43
Great to see a new fencing site up and running. It's good to keep in touch with what's going on back in the UK while i'm out of the country for the next 5 months. :transport

-16th April 2003, 14:57
Hi Hudson,

we hope you enjoy. The forum only kicked off properly on Monday so it may be quiet times for a while but we are doing our best to spread the news among the fencing community.

-18th April 2003, 21:44
I'll try and get some of my club to sign up (though I got some to sign on to Fencing101, but they rarely visit.... seemingly my friends have a life outside fencing and the internet :grin: )

-19th April 2003, 10:30
Sad isn't it when people feel they need to go into the "real world" for their entertainment when they don't even heve to get off their chair!!

-19th April 2003, 11:47
Well when the weather is as good as it is here (over 30 C every day) the call of sun bathing is just to great, need to get a great tan for when i get back to the UK and start doing comps again :)