View Full Version : LP armoury page intro

-28th December 2004, 23:51
Very nice i like it but I would suggest you add a action script on the last frame to stop it looping and to make it load the main armoury page

Should be somthing like:
GetUrl ("armoury.htm", _self)

Might just be able to get away with

GetUrl ("armoury.htm", _self)

Like the intro though all in all

-1st January 2005, 21:32
They have an armoury page eh?

Wish I'd known that before spending 30 minutes tryign to put my Christmas present foil together. (My dad told the people on the phone that 'of course' I knew how to put together an electric foil.... considering it's the first one I've owned :mad: )

Managed it in the end though.

-1st January 2005, 23:09
Just watch for breaking the wire. :(

-4th January 2005, 16:16
Yes, that was why I was being so gentle with it. Not havign any magnetic screwdrivers didn't help (neither did having drunk a fair amount by the afternoon :) )

-4th January 2005, 16:28
you drink, i'm shocked and horrifed (you should of invited me :( )