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-6th January 2005, 00:36

Just an idea. I know it would mean all of a couple of minutes of extra wor for organisers but would it be possible for them post a list of entrants before a competiton so people know if they've been entered or not??? I'm not after anythign fancy just perhaps uploading a spreadsheet or something.

Just a thought.

-6th January 2005, 10:53
A good way of checking your entry has been received. Rodney Francis does it for the Nationals and the LP and Eden cups. But they do have limits fo the numbers I think.

It does require that the competition in question has a website which quite a few don't.

Hard pressed competition organisers may also be processing entries right up to the last minute, so it may not be practical.

Presumably engarde can produce a list of entrants as it does so for check in purposes, so I imagine it is possible if you are technically minded.

Dave Hillier
-6th January 2005, 11:36
what we really need is a british version of askfred.net which could take entry money, give up to date entry and results lists, takl to enguard(or an equivilant) manage the rankings and make toast.

Every now and then there are rumors of some thing similar in the pipe work for the UK, I hope that they come to fruition one day.

-6th January 2005, 14:00
That sounds like quite a good program to me. Especially the making toast part. :grin:

-6th January 2005, 14:02
If it has anything to do with my competitions, it will have to make tea as well.

-6th January 2005, 16:14
no, just decent coffee...

-6th January 2005, 20:42
You sound like Ismay.

-7th January 2005, 08:13
...but i can assure you they are not one and the same......:o: