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-9th January 2005, 10:49
Hi this is bufc99. I know we are not meant to have mre than one username but you wil see this one is freshly created and I havn't been usign it all along.

I created this because I can now no longer post under bufc99. I can log-in fine, read stuff fine but when I click on Pst Reply or New Thread, I get teh permission denied page saying either I don't have the permission to do this or my account is waiting to be activated.

The only thing I did in between posting before and it then not working was to add my ICQ, AIM, YIM contacts and to change my primary e-mail address to my perosnal one not the club one.

There was a message that flashed up on screen during the forwardign process when saving changes to my profile but cos I'om on a 1.5Mb connection and the forum is so quiet at the moment I couldn't read it cos it went so fast. Was this to say I needed my account re-verified with the new e-mail or somethign??

I tried chanigng it back but the same hapenned, I still couldn't post.

Oh and the reason I originally tried to post a thread in here is, When I get a PM I've selected for a pop-up box to appear but when I click on Open, whether that's fro the same or a new window it doesn't open. Any Thoughts???

When this is sorted out and bufc99 is working again I'll post so that user Fluffy can be removed as I know we are not meatnt ot have more that 1 user id but it was the only way I could post a message.

-10th January 2005, 10:13
email and/or pm the moderators and they will probably be able to help.