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-13th January 2005, 17:23
Today the Queen was quoted as saying that the 2012 Olympics will be held in Paris. How much does her view matter? Has she seriously undermined the London bid?

-13th January 2005, 18:54
She's alleged to have said that not many londoners seem to be behind the bid. Apparently about 400000 people have signed online to support the bid (can't remember where that site is now) but out of a UK population of about 60M that's less than one per cent and out of a london population of 8M thats only about 5%.

She's got a point. Allegedly. Though I can't see how it's anyone's but the newspaper who ran the story's responsibility for any impact onthe bid's chances...

-13th January 2005, 22:16
Not everyone in the country is online though (:rolleyes: barbarians!), so the actual percentage of people in support may be higher. A bit. It could also be a matter of publicity: maybe I'm unusual (quiet at the back there) but the only reason I heard about the website was because of a message posted on this forum.

I wonder if Her Majesty has signed up on the website?:hm:

-13th January 2005, 22:32
I just think it's a shame when our head of state can't support England's bid, in public at least. If she wanted to say something about the apparent lack of support, she could have turned it to encourage more support from the UK (I must admit I don't know if she might have gone on to say this as I've only seen the news on TV today)

-14th January 2005, 08:53
Maybe she doesn't want the Olympics in London - it'll bring in even more Johnny Foreigner tourists gawping at Buckingham Palace.

It's bad enough having the plebs and peasant interrupting the croquet, what?

-14th January 2005, 09:06
Why shouldn't she want more foreign visitors. After all her family are of foreign origins and she's married to a Greek of German descent!

-14th January 2005, 09:30
The number of people who take part in any online poll is never reresentative. At best it is just a guess. It can mean anything from everyone who is interested has voted to only a small proportion of those that have voted are interested. With online polls it tends to be people who have some sort of 'investment' in the issue (ie they may be fully in favour of the olympics and quite fanatical about it so they vote). So she may or may not have a point. It depends. Even the way that the question is framed has a major effect on who votes in a poll.

"There are lies and then there statistics"

-14th January 2005, 10:35
Which is why, as long as they have a choice, any statistician who is involved with selecting a representative sample of people will not use self selection or online polls.

-14th January 2005, 11:34
It is quite interesting that the London bid should making such efforts to get people to "Back the Bid". Do other nations do the same?

Will the number of people who add their support on the website have any effect on the decision between cities?

How important is the support of the nation as a whole to our bid's chances. As the host is always a city (however far away the venues for sailing, canoeing or synchronised greco-roman wrestling may be from that city) does it or should it make any difference if the people of Hull, Swansea, or wherever else outside the South East, support the bid?

Surely more important is the capacity of the city to deliver on the proposals, particularly the venues, infrastructure and organisation.

-14th January 2005, 11:43
I doubt it matters. Are the members of the IOC gravy boat (sorry committee) really in touch with average joe bloggs public? I doubt it. I suppose it might look better when its on all the flyers and stuff they hand the members who visit to pick up their bribes ... sorry culltural merchandise. In all honesty I can't see London getting it. And why does it have to be London? Why not another major city like Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle etc Why London? Oh yes, the hubris of the Londoncentric media.

-14th January 2005, 17:56
I would be interested to know how much the support of the public goes towards the winning of a bid to host the Olympics - are we wasting our time signing up for online polls?

I suppose London has more "kudos" as it's the capital city - are all the other bid cities capitals? But apart from that Birmingham or Manchester would be just as good - probably better as they've already had the revitalisation that London so badly needs. Several Londoners I know have said they definitely don't want the Olympics, based on the fact that the tubes can't cope with commuters, let alone a large influx of people over for the games!

-14th January 2005, 18:01
THe tube system would not have to cope with taht many extra people (no more than the usual seasonal / economic variation) - say no more than 250,000 (unless I've got my figures completely wrong).

-14th January 2005, 18:06
Why would that be? Is that compounding visitors to the Olympics with the usual quota of tourists? If that's the case, surely the IOC should be working on the concerns of Londoners in terms of demands on transport etc such as those expressed by my friends as this is a very basic hurdle in the fight for public support.

-14th January 2005, 18:33
Originally posted by Gav

"There are lies and then there statistics"

Actually, there are lies, damn lies and statistics!