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-19th January 2005, 09:43
BUSA and the BFA are currently undertaking extensive research into university fencing in this country. This involves receiving feedback on the current BUSA programme and identifying any areas that could be improved as well as looking at wider services that could be offered to students and student clubs to assist their development. There are three questionnaires. One is aimed directly at Universities and is to be answered by a representative from your university Sports Department (it has been addressed to the Athletic Union President). The second is designed to get responses from university clubs as a whole and is directed towards the Club President or Club Secretary. The third is aimed at each university fencing team and is aimed at men's and women's 1st and 2nd team captains. Ideally each team that competes in BUSA will fill out their own questionnaire (we anticipate responses from men's and women's teams may vary).

If a questionnaire is not addressed to you then please still fill one in and return it if you have views you wish to pass on, or alternatively contact the person who should be filling out the questionnaire and find out if they have returned one yet. Likewise if your university does not have a fencing club then your AU President is still invited to return the questionnaire as clubs/teams who do not currently compete in BUSA. Please read the information sheet given on the BUSA fencing page and return the questionnaires by email as directed. Questionnaires are not that lengthy and should not take very long to fill out. The deadline has been extended to 31st January.

Please click the link below to go to the BUSA fencing pages, questionnaires and information can be found at the bottom of the page.

BUSA Fencing Pages (http://www.busa.org.uk/sport.asp?parent=20010001&section=0001000200010001&sport=200100010036 )

-19th January 2005, 14:40
A couple of things I've spotted over the years (and which won't be apparent from the survey) is that there is little continuity at a lot of the uni clubs (i.e. they may be very very dynamic one year and then as people leave, fade away completely) - giving support to ease the problems of personnal changing would be useful - as well as encouraging ties with local clubs / counties. (Even if only to provide some experience for those not involvd in the BUSA matche).