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-20th January 2005, 09:14
On the 20th Anniversary of the Leon Paul Junior Series we want to raise 2000.00 for the children's charity hope. Hope raises money for underprivileged children and just 80 provides a prosthesis for a child land mine amputee. We think we should aim for 2000 to raise enough to help 25 land mine victims. The current amount this year raised is 160.00 This money has been raised by Simon Trinder and his armoury work and the Children of Finchley Foil fencing club. You can raise money in many ways and can donate by clicking here (http://www.hope-for-children.org/DONATE_FRAME.html) and telling us about your donation or passing cheques made out to hope to Simon at any of our events. The club with the most raised for the event will receive a 3 wepon box worth 300.00. :eek:

Post your acts of generosity here and receive bonus prizes from the forum. :grin:

Or organise a fund raiser to do at an event using the power of forum posts. :party:

-20th January 2005, 14:44
What a nice idea.

I have donated 20 so unless all our tight arse forum members get donating I will be collecting the prize!


-20th January 2005, 14:58
If you donate send an email to simon LPJS@leonpaul.com as then we can add it to the total.

-9th February 2005, 10:31
The club with the most raised for the event will receive a 3 wepon box worth 300.00.

Ok finchley foil are winning it at the moment.

-21st March 2005, 11:31
Ok Camden sabre event raised 85.00 so they are in pole psition to win the club box.
Simon has raised a further 110.00 for his armoury service so the total so far is 510.00

Anyone who has attended the series and not donate should feel very bad about themselves!:upset:

-10th May 2005, 09:40
Another 80.00 from Simon Trindor making the total 600.00 still another 1400.00 to reach are target. I think some people on this forum are very tight.

-18th November 2005, 08:00
Another 19.00 from Steve Jackson which I doubled making the grand total of 875.86. which is very short I would like to point out that teh highest bid so far is 100.00 and the prize is a box, bags, wires and spools so a sneaky ebay type bid for 100 pound plus could win you a 300 club box saving 200.00


-19th November 2005, 10:42
As the clubs Boy ges to have boxes anyway, I'm very tempted to make a donation and further donate the prize if we win it - can I??:confused:

-1st December 2005, 15:02

-22nd December 2005, 15:53
Final amout rased by the Leon Paul Junior Series is 1057.00 see here:
Thankyou all who helped and a special thanks to Simon Trindor for his initiative.
Next year we will raise 2000.00.
The 3 wepon box and spools was won by Fincley foil who donated about 150.00.

-22nd December 2005, 23:16
same charity?

-30th December 2005, 17:07
I cannot really think of a better one.
Any childrens charity seems good for a junior series.

Foilling Around
-30th December 2005, 17:43
For some reason I did not pick up on this last year. Please decide on the charity and I will put out a bucket and some information out at the Sherwood Foil.