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-8th June 2003, 22:19
Have just downloaded this, thought it might be a useful skill to have in operating it. However, how do I calculate the seeding for my fencers to convert into points (I think) in the programme???

Am using V 8 if that makes a difference.....

-8th June 2003, 23:59
You can perform the initial seeding either by fencer number (i.e. in ranking order going down - low = good) or by points (high = good) - this is set in the 'formula' and entered for each fencer. If using rankings, enter 999 for those with no ranking (by convention). entering the points may be a better option as there is no default on the fencer number, assuming that the program treats nulls as 0's.

Note that there is an engarde mailing list at engarde-fencing@yahoogroups.com.

-9th June 2003, 17:19
Thanks for the tip, have signed up and am pending as a member....