View Full Version : The competitions are for the fencers

-9th June 2003, 09:15
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can organisers remember that these competitions are for the FENCERS, not for the benefit of the organisers. These are young people, who often travel a long way, and should be given as much fencing as possible. The rules stipulate 2 rounds of pools before DE, which is great, but NOT when those two rounds involve pools of 4. And before anyone complains about the difficulties of getting pools of 7 into a timetable, I KNOW - I do it myself.

-9th June 2003, 12:09
Very good point although I think the organisers (and I am not one) do a really good job. However I know from my own youngsters that they get very fed up with small amounts of fencing and then long waits between rounds/DE's. Still, if it wasn't for the LPJS and Premier series there would be few comps for them. Sometimes the diversity of refing drives me mad and some comps do have long waits but at the end of the day the upside of some very good comps really does outweigh a few problems. Well done LPJS!!!

-9th June 2003, 17:17
I was one of a team of senior fencers asked to ref sabre at the Durham event, along with the local coach. I was really impressed at the generally nice nature of the competition, how far people had travelled to compete and how well run it was. I can't speak for the other events, but the Durham LPJS event was really nice - we were able to arrive, ref, ref some more and then leave about when expected, and thanked by the organisers at the time and in club the following week.

However, there were some small poules, mainly due to small entries in age categories. I guess that is a risk you take....

-10th June 2003, 08:41
Not surprised - went up there a while back for a coaching session with the great man and his team. A very pleasant bunch of people up there. They also have the best/only Armoureres manual that I have seen! - down South I even wear my Sal J T shirt with pride!!