View Full Version : Bristol sabre. 13th Feb

Neil Brown
-25th January 2005, 23:34
Closing date for this event is 5th Feb. Fencers can enter online via the Leon Paul shop.

Note: correct details & entry forms are at www.bristolsabre.com, the information on the Leon Paul web site is wrong.

Prizes will be better than ever this year.

-28th January 2005, 07:37
Its not wrong anymore. Also here is the entry form for the Bristol team event.

Neil Brown
-4th February 2005, 23:32
We need referees for the Bristol Leon Paul sabre event in Glastonbury on the 13th Feb.

There will be the usual free food all day & wine or chocolates, there will also be a prize draw (for a DVD player) for the referees who stay to the end of the fencing (usually about 4 o'clock.)

Thanks if you can help.

Neil Brown
-10th February 2005, 21:57
This year's list of prizes can new be seen on the entry form for the event at www.bristolsabre.com

We'll still take late entries (at extra cost, see the form).

Neil Brown
-13th February 2005, 19:35
Plenty of help turned up, thanks to all.

Results are now up at www.bristolsabre.com & they've been emailed to Leon Paul today (Sunday).