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-27th January 2005, 23:00
Anyone know the story why Santelli's website is no longer available (since end of last year)? Are Santelli products still being sold?


Dave Hillier
-27th January 2005, 23:08
I think that this should explain


This is a British fencing forum. You would be better off asking questions like this on the forums at fencing.net which are more america centric.

-1st February 2005, 11:22
Ok, From what I heard from Mrs. B in Hoboken (about an hour from where Santelli is)- they've curled up and started to smell.

They are an ex-fencing company - feel free to do Monty Python sketch now.

On a similar point, the kit they sold wasn't up to much, the Mask I bought off them is now used to drain pasta (as I crushed it by tripping up over it) and the jackets wouldn't even be legal in this country for training.

Bigger market share for LP USA now methinks..

*** disclaimer ***
Bucket (Pete Traill) recieved this information second hand and therefore is its wrong , not his fault. He does not condone vicious rumour and gossip about things becoming deceased.