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-4th February 2005, 21:29
My plans just now are to go back to Fraserburgh college (which is literally a 3 minute walk from my house) for next 3 year to do my HNC and HND then a year at RGU to get my degree. Even these plans are like, woah, never though I'd be doin this.

But now I'm kinda thinking, get to Aberdeen quicker, with fencing being my only reason for going. Is it worth it? In fact, is it possible? Sorry, gonna sound thick here, but can I do an HNC or HND in a university?

Any comments + or - gratefully recieved.

Thanks :chicken:


-5th February 2005, 11:51
I've heard thatat least one of the uni's in Aberdeen has close links with the college, and for some courses you can do first year at college then go to Uni in 2nd year.
BTW the nightlife in Aberdeen has been excellent every time I've visited it so theres another reason to go there:grin:
Hope this helps

-5th February 2005, 11:55
OOh, lets get drunk!! :party:


-5th February 2005, 11:59
I like your thinking!:grin: :party:

-7th February 2005, 09:15
Come to Coventry i need people to coach :upset:

-8th February 2005, 21:12
Looks like I'm gonna stay in Fraserburgh for couple o year, but keeping my options open. I could do 2 year here and jump straight into my 3rd year at RGU once I have my HND, my HND almost garauntees me a place in RGU as well. Seems to be the better option just now.