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-10th June 2003, 10:05
Hey everybody!

Some time ago, I put together a fencing proposal. If you would like to have a look at it, then please send me an email or private message.

I'd like to share it with people and get their feedback. Also, I'd like to get together with a few people and discuss my ideas.

Let me know.


-10th June 2003, 10:11
Sorry Captchris I don't understand what you mean by proposal?

-10th June 2003, 12:28
Asking fencers whether they'll marry you?

(Sorry, being facetious. Having a crap day, which probalby has something to do with it.)

-10th June 2003, 17:16
NO, its a proposal to promote and demonstrate fencing so that we can get more people interested, more money into the sport, and hopefully more coaches!

I only posted the message quickly!

Hope this makes things a bit more clear! Again, let me know if you're interested in reading it. Send me a private message or an email.


-10th June 2003, 18:20
Could you put it on a web page with a link from here?

-12th June 2003, 12:01
sounds interesting - send me details if you wish.