View Full Version : Final WF Cadet Rankings

Foilling Around
-8th February 2005, 20:22
Given the website problems, I have the WF Cadet Final rankings from Alan Gardner and I am attaching them as a .zip file. Hope they can be downloaded ok.

Rules state top 3 go to Linz, no leeway for selectorial descretion.

-8th February 2005, 22:03
Wow - that was impressively quick!

Well done Alan and FA.

And congrats again to FA Jnr - that is a pretty stunning position for a 14yr old - she must be checking the ages of the others in the top 10 ever so carefully. Great opportunities for her over the next couple of years.


Foilling Around
-9th February 2005, 07:20
Remember Lara is also only 14 and Laura will still be a Cadets next year, as well as Carolyn, Liz etc. Next year will be quite an experienced line up. For those who make the team.

-10th February 2005, 17:59
Any advice on opening/reading it for those of us who haven't splashed out on Excel?
And what's wrong with the BFA site anyway??

-10th February 2005, 18:08
You can (or could) download a reader from the Microsoft site.

Or install Openoffice and use that to read it.

Or somebody who isn't about to go and fence could convert them to pdf's and post those.

Foilling Around
-10th February 2005, 21:06
Converted and posted

Bit small on one page, sorry

-11th February 2005, 18:40
That's great. It may be small but it's readable. Many thanks.
Thank goodness for boffins.

Foilling Around
-11th February 2005, 22:31
Never been called a boffin before - and probably never will be again!!