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-17th February 2005, 13:49
The draw has been made for the L16 of the Championship and is available on BUSA's website.

This is the link BUSA championship (http://www.busa.org.uk/fl/cupoverv.asp?DivisionID=2844)

Some tasty matches;

Imperial College (with Mr Kruse?) vs Cambridge
Bristol vs University College London
Nottingham vs Birmingham -grudge match after we beat them last year then lost the league to them by 1 hit after we drew with UEA (but they won 2 out of 3 weapons) Notts then has the audacity to win the premiership North this year! Looking forward to it.

-17th February 2005, 14:47
Mr Kruse doesn't go to Imperial - he went to City I believe.

Should be entertaining...

-17th February 2005, 14:55
knew it was one of those London uni's, very much doubt he'd fence anyway.

-17th February 2005, 15:14
Well, Imperial are strong enough anyway. Should be a superb match!
Anybody knows anything about timings?

-17th February 2005, 15:25
Oh the joys of the random seeding system!

I would have though that whoever wins of Cambridge and Imperial will be in with a good chance of winning the championship! The top half of the draw looks tougher than the bottom half on my recollection of who is where.

I think Nottingham may win their match - sabre is strong for both teams, and winning a tough league like North Premier is pretty impressive.

Shame that the 2nds can't do more than the trophy - would be interesting to see how they would have done in the shield

Good luck to all concerned

-17th February 2005, 15:48
Originally posted by Maxim
Well, Imperial are strong enough anyway. Should be a superb match!
Anybody knows anything about timings?

All Old timings until Semi Final and final (on same day in Birmingham)

-17th February 2005, 16:08
Just if anyone's wondering, the 'playoff' in the Championship draw is between us (Lancaster) & Sheffield tomorrow night - as there's two divisions in the Northern Conference this year we've got to find an overall winner after we both won our divisions.

-22nd February 2005, 19:02
Anybody know if Lancaster are intending to make the trip up to hell, sorry, Dundee tomorrow?

-22nd February 2005, 20:57
Originally posted by D'Artignan
Anybody know if Lancaster are intending to make the trip up to hell, sorry, Dundee tomorrow?

We certainly are, providing the trains don't bugger up too much with the weather!

I've somehow persuaded our AU to stump up for 6 of us to go & stay there tomorrow night, so hopefully it'll be a good match!

What are Dundee like, I've not been able to find a great deal about them?

-22nd February 2005, 21:02
Weve got a couple of good fencers and some excellent ones!!:grin: But then I would say that!! Seriously, it should be a good match as most of our better fencers are available AFAIK. Presumably your better fencers will be persuaded by the free accomodation?
Also the Dundee mob are pretty friendly and dont tend to bite (unless you ask nicely!) and could quite easily be persuaded to show you lot the joys, sorry, pubs of Dundee!:beer:

-24th February 2005, 09:54
Ahh revenge is sweet Notts! Cambridge looking strong as well.

-24th February 2005, 16:53
You forgot the women's knockouts...


Go UCL! the girls are the only hope after the men got beaten by Bristol. Bah. :(

-25th February 2005, 09:12
My God that was a hammering!

Notts were really nice guys the only reason I'm gloating is because they beat us to the premiership by the closest margin ever last year!

I hope we are at home next round, don't fancy the trip up North or beyond the border. That said last year the uni paid for us to go to Edinburgh and stay in a nice hotel.

Marky Irish
-15th March 2005, 18:00
so the Championship semi final draw is:

Birmingham v Oxford
St Andrews v Cambridge

Cambridge v Durham
Bath v Northumbria

too close to call really in both.

-16th March 2005, 08:46
Glad that we didn't get Cambridge in semi's, I think they will beat St Andrews fairly easily. But you never know. Oxford will be a very tight match for us. Oxford have shown that they can't beat Cambridge so if they beat us I'm fairly sure that Cambridge will retain cup.

-18th March 2005, 10:28
Dear All,

Looking forward to seeing you all and refereeing at the BUSA finals.


-21st March 2005, 08:45
Alas Cambridge were too strong again, well at least their sabre team was! Very good standard of fencing, and good to watch (probably cos it was on the new timings!)

We beat Oxford in the semi's and looked good in the final, winning the foil comfortably and only losing the epee by 3. Then their sabre team munched us 45-16 and that was that!

At least we can say we have the best foil team in the BUSA's!

well done cambridge, and thanks to keith for the kind words and for referering. Well organised by Mike again.

Cambridge Lion
-21st March 2005, 10:43
I completely agree with pigeonmeister about the high standard of the fencing on Saturday, and also that the fencing was exciting for the spectators, mainly due to a combination of using the old timings, and the teams creating a great atmosphere with lots of support. Although a five hour gap between the semi finals and finals was not ideal, BUSA at least provided us with two excellent referees this year (Keith Smith and Keith Bowers), which helped to keep things more amicable than previously.

I thought Birmingham (sabre in particular) fenced excellently against a strong Oxford team in the more exciting of the two men's semi finals, and thoroughly deserved their place in the final. We made lighter work of St. Andrews, although they did have a very strong epee team.

In the final Birmingham did have us on the ropes after the first two weapons, and I was a little concerned given their strong sabre performance against Oxford earlier in the day. However, our sabre team then produced what was probably its best performance of the season to close out the match without ever letting it get close. Five championships in five years is not bad going...

I think Birmingham deserve congratulations for fencing excellently throughout the day, and I wish them the best of luck in their promotion match(es) - they certainly should be in one of the Premierships next year.

Next season's championship should be pretty interesting...

Coupe du Nord
-21st March 2005, 12:33
Anyone got the results of both the men's and the women's with the scores?

Leonie H
-21st March 2005, 12:34
Which team won the women's championship?

-21st March 2005, 12:35
Cambridge beat Bath in the final of the women's - very close. Can't remember any exact scores...

Leonie H
-21st March 2005, 12:50
That's good to know - thank you. I am somewhat smiley at the moment as you can probably guess Random Sabreur!

Lady Riposter
-21st March 2005, 12:54
I think we won by about four points in the end. I can't remember the score off the top of my head. It was a very close match. Foil and epee were very difficult but we pulled ahead in the sabre at the end. It was a great, though very tense, match. The ladies from Bath fenced very, very well! I have to say that their lucky "tomato plant" is an improvement on the previous model. ;)

Congratulations to everyone who was at Birmingham this weekend. Thank you to everyone who was there to referee or organize the day. Despite the large break between the semis and the finals it ran very smoothly.

Well done, everyone. Good luck next year! I look forward to fencing you all again!

-21st March 2005, 17:04
Who won the Men's Shield?

-22nd March 2005, 08:58
I think it was Oxford 2nds, but not that sure. I don't know how Cambridge do it, 5 in 5 years and they always have a great sabre team. They just decimated our sabre team, who had beaten Northumbria and Oxford in the previous rounds (both had really strong sabre teams) . I think that the two best teams in the country met in the final which is always good, the fact that we were winning after two weapons made for a really exciting finish and meant the Cambridge sabreurs were pumped! I'm just glad that I beat Chris Greensides quite well in the epee as I've only been doin it since November (bein a foilist).

Please, we lose some good fencers this year.... so all you amazing young epeeists and sabreurs come to Birmingham Uni it's a great place and a good team.

-22nd March 2005, 09:08
Oxford 2nds beat Notts 2nds in the final. The shield was between Dundee and Bath, and I can't remember who won, sacriledge really because I was watching!!

Women's shield was won by Aberdeen, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their sabre team, it was a much tidier and more classically sabre match than the championship final. Congratualtions to their coach

-22nd March 2005, 09:34
Well done for Dundee geting to the shield final (don't know if "we" won or not).

Ricardo and the others I salute you all.

:jumprain: :mexwave: :thumbs_up

-22nd March 2005, 11:33
Originally posted by bucket
Well done for Dundee geting to the shield final (don't know if "we" won or not).

Ricardo and the others I salute you all.

:jumprain: :mexwave: :thumbs_up Cheers Bucket. Myself and Richard couldn't make it down as I was working, and Richard had something to do with his course to attend to.Having said that, I think we still sent a fairly strong team down, but I haven't seen anyone to find out how we got on. And the BUSA website ain't been updated yet:mad: :mad: :mad:

-22nd March 2005, 14:40
I'd like to thank the Cambridge women's team for being so sporting in the semi. There was a problem with the lights on outr side of the box and they agreed to move, no problems.
Thanks a lot, it made my first BUSAs a pleasent experience.

-22nd March 2005, 15:57
When does the BUSA site get updated?

Lady Riposter
-22nd March 2005, 16:17
Originally posted by D'Artignan
When does the BUSA site get updated?

From what I've seen, usually about 24 hours after you need the information. :) Hopefully they'll update it soon!

Lady Riposter
-23rd March 2005, 01:43
Originally posted by D'Artignan
Who won the Men's Shield?

Bath won the Men's Shield, 135-112 (we think). We're not 100% sure about the score but we know Bath won!

-23rd March 2005, 15:19
Cheers. Managed to find out at Uni today. And that was the exact score I was quoted as well.

PS Well done Bath!

-24th March 2005, 16:32
I'm glad someone is impressed with BUSA's regurgatation of info . . . as president of SASF (basically scottish student fencing) shocked is much closer to the word I would use for this season.

It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't bee on committees with the man currently in charge of fencing when I was at Edinburgh Uni.

While I know my status as SASF (and SUSF) head honcho makes my impartiallity suspect I am also very unimpressed with the decision BUSA made re the Glasgow v's Hull match, which could only have been made be people who know hee haw about fencing.

This is the tuppence worth of an outgoing president whose life has been made very difficult by BUSA this year.

-24th March 2005, 16:51
What happened???

-24th March 2005, 16:54
Originally posted by myopic

While I know my status as SASF (and SUSF) head honcho makes my impartiallity suspect I am also very unimpressed with the decision BUSA made re the Glasgow v's Hull match, which could only have been made be people who know hee haw about fencing.

Out of curiosity, what was the problem with this match? I did wonder when I saw the score.

Completely different subject, well done to all those teams who won (not that BUSA see fit to tell anyone who wasn't in Birmingham). Shame Dundee didn't have a full team, would've made us lot feel better to lose to the winners after the absolute hammering we got up there!

-24th March 2005, 17:05
Eeerrrrrrr........I don't recall it being a hammering. I recall it being closer than the score suggested.

The problem with the Glasgow match was that their opponents turned up late and they couldn't finish the match in the allocated time. Busa ruled that, instead of Glasgow being awarded victory (apparently it's their own rule), they ruled something else, and consequently, the Glezga mob ended up going out.

-24th March 2005, 21:08
Originally posted by myopic
This is the tuppence worth of an outgoing president whose life has been made very difficult by BUSA this year.

(fitch leaves the building, mentally tearing up the email offering to stand for SASF president next year heving been under the impression it was all glory and no effort....)

;) ;) ;) effort put in by craig has been huge by the way only taking the p... And I did think it quite interesteing that BUSA didn't bother sending you info on the rules re: timings for the leagues, or the survey thing, despite your job as scottish conference fencing development bod! Daft b8st8rds!

also, only kidding, wasn't gonna stand for el prez anyhoo as I'm moving down to the Shire of Derby in august!

-24th March 2005, 21:17
BUSA regs say:
REG 13.8 Any team that fails to start a match at the required time (within the limits of the relevant Governing Body rules on match times - where they exist) will be deemed to have forfeited the fixture as a walkover and be deducted three points.

how late were the hull team?

how many minutes do you get after first callin the bout to turn up and play?

or is this a case of "we'll let them off, scotland is too far away to get to on time"??

(just stirring, is all done now and nowt anyone can do about it)

-27th March 2005, 22:28
I was having a peek at the BUSA contrat, and came across the following paragraph:

"Playing facilities must be booked for an appropriate length of time to allow for the full conclusion of the match. BUSA recommends that at least 3 hours of hall time are booked. Institutions failing to book sufficient time will forfeit any outstanding hits that cannot be completed within the allocated time." (http://www.busa.org.uk/core_files/72_11200411071205_17.doc)

The only thing I can think is that Glasgow didn't allow for 3 hours, and when BUSA were faced with two compelling challenges they chose to support Hull's over Glasgow...but the scores on the website don't really suggest that

-28th March 2005, 07:53
Hall was booked 3-6.

I was working till 3.30 and turned up about 5 only to find that only 1 and a half weapons were completed. Basically the sabre didn't happen as it was aabout 1 minute to 6.

The two clubs were very amicable about it and sgreed to let BUSA sort it out.

The decision to award the match to whoever is leaading after 2 weapons smacks to me as being taken by people who dont know anything about fencing.

Leaving aside the fact that we were pretty confident of turning over the pretty small deficit in sabre, which is of course irrellevent, a BUSA match is over three weapons by definition. You wouldn't stop a rugby match after 60 minutes and award the match to whichever team is leading at that time. Turnovers in the third weapon are by no means uncommon.