View Full Version : Tickets for the Olympics

-16th April 2003, 22:19
Anybody know how you apply for tickets for the Athens games for fencing events or in general?

-17th April 2003, 08:07
No but I know a man who does Doudou who is a member here. I will contact him and see if he has any ideas.

Or you could start training real hard and get into the British team?:grin: :p

3 Card Trick
-18th April 2003, 08:55
Has the fencing venue been built yet!! Might want to check before you rush off to buy tickets.:grin:

The Driver
-25th April 2003, 17:06
Check out the Athens 2004 Website (find it on Google). You can register to be advised when tickets go on sale - mid May from memory
The Driver

-25th April 2003, 18:14
Thanks Driver your info was exactly right. the following is the URL if anybody is interested.

The Driver
-28th April 2003, 12:32
Assuming you get your tickets the next problem you are likely to face is where to stay and how you will get around after you arrive.
The Driver