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-11th June 2003, 12:18
Why has Leon Paul recently decided to sell third party Scoring Apparatus?

In particular I noticed that one of the Merlin FIE scoring apparatus (sold by Leon Paul) is cheaper than Leon Paul's own FIE apparatus.

I thought that Leon Paul, were committed to own brand of equipment. What is going on here, why the change of heart?


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Barry Paul
-11th June 2003, 15:09
Leon Paul were the first fencing manufacturer to make a working micro-processor F.I.E. apparatus. As recognised at the time when we won the competition to run the first world championships in Denver at which sabre was electric.
Subsequently the boxes havde been used in many other world class events.
The introduction of the next generation of apparatus with remotes, scores and clocks is now a market sector better suited to dedicated electronics firms. It was only a matter of time before these very complex apparatus were outsorced. Having looked at many possible suppliers it is quite clear that the Escrime Technologie apparatus are by far the best in their class. We worked closely with Fred Marciano during the Atlanta Olympics at which we supplied much of the equipment. Subsequently we have offered his machines and due to our own experties are able to repair them.
The outsourcing of this very small specialised field allows us to get on with what we are best at (fencing equipment) and leave the complex electronics to the experts in that field.

Barry Paul

3 Card Trick
-11th June 2003, 17:37
First time I've heard a fencer complain about something being cheaper!:grin: