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-26th February 2005, 15:28
Is anyone here going to the University of Wales Championships at Aberystwyth?

-8th March 2005, 23:46
Yeah, I should be along for the Epee on the Sunday.

-9th March 2005, 02:43
I may even be against you as I am entering the epee as well as the foil.

-9th March 2005, 17:47
I'm doing foil and epee.

Thing is, I don't know how to fence epee... so should be interesting!

(mind you, there is some evidence I don't know how to fence foil either...)

-10th March 2005, 08:22
I'm obviously going to be there, as I don't have to travel. :)
I'll be fencing epee on the sunday.
But surely you aren't the only forummers coming?

-13th March 2005, 16:06
Nooooooooo!!! We got up this morning, ready and willing to put the rest of Wales to shame, went out to the car and discovered the flattest of flat tyres.

There were no garages open (8.30 on a sunday) and when we tried to change the wheel, we discovered that when it had its MOT the wheels were reattached with a pneumatic screwdriver thingy and just wouldn't come off!

Apologies for the four of us not turning up. We were so disappointed. We'd really been looking forward to this. (I haven't been in a comp of any sort for over a year.)

:( :( :(

-13th March 2005, 18:25
Oh dear. We wondered where you lot had got to, bad luck.
You'll have to come back in style next year.

-13th March 2005, 19:05

I think i speak for all at Cardiff University when i thank Aber for hosting the competion and being good sports. The organisation was very good in all respects on and off the piste, as well as good ole St Johns Abulance who helped me out on saturday!

Well done all who took part and i very much look forward to it next year!

Great Job ppl

-13th March 2005, 19:47
It was a very good weekend. It's just a shame I was ill for most of it. Still, 4th in epee, yay. I know it was only out of 8 but don't take that away from me. :)

Hopefully next year's will be just as good.

-13th March 2005, 22:06
Well that was fun... we're coming back for that plate next year! ;)

Strangely seemed to do better in the epee than in the foil... which since I've barely fenced epee is a little odd...

-14th March 2005, 16:55
Anybody know how my old club, Bangor Uni, got on? I never meet any of them round the opens.

-14th March 2005, 17:33
Yeah Bangor got somebody into the mens foil semi only to be knocked out by one of our lads 15-14, twas v.close at the end!

They also won the novice foil, but i think all invloved had fun and they bought along a few people who had not fenced much to find out what it was all about :D

-15th March 2005, 22:17
Originally posted by Tims-Sabre
They also won the novice foil, but i think all invloved had fun and they bought along a few people who had not fenced much to find out what it was all about :D

Saving the Queen from drowning, amongst other things (drinking 'game')...

it goes something like this.

:help: :drinkbott :drink: :cup:

Genius (since I wasn't drinking!)

-15th March 2005, 22:38
I had a great time fencing foil on saturday where i fenced better then i have done ever and fencing epee on sunday which i had never done before then.