View Full Version : Portsmouth?

-1st March 2005, 18:43
I'm thinking about going to portsmouth uni in a few years time, but I was wondering what the fencing is like there. I've checked the website but naturally that gives a bias view. I absolutely refuse to go to a university where fencing isn't of top notch standard.:tongue: Can anybody help?:grin:

-1st March 2005, 18:53
We live in Portsmouth but hear very little about university fencing.

I have met a few university fencers, but by the nature of things, they come and go. I don't think that it is a premier fencing university. (Sorry if I am maligning them here)

However, there are several decent foil clubs within travelling distance (if you have a car).

A better bet might be to find somewhere in London - then you can be sure that top-notch fencing is never more than a tube ride away!