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-13th June 2003, 11:57
After several years of general abuse my Fencing Bag is starting to turn religious (It' s getting very holey- full of holes from all my weapons)

I noticed that an American Supplier is producing Hard Wheely bags and I wondered if anyone had any experience of them.

they sound like a good idea and would prevent me having to replace my bag in another few years time.

any advice from all the Fencing Sages out there ?

Ta - Craig

-13th June 2003, 16:26
I have seen these bags - great for protecting kit, and lockable - can be used as storage at club (though can be wheeled away)

So, good for lbaggage handlers (a bit of a challenge) but quite bulky I think, so not great to fit in a car with another 3 to take to a competition....

-13th June 2003, 16:29
Craig I know what kind of car you have access to - the hard case style bag is probably not worth it as it will take up more space than a regular bag.

-13th June 2003, 18:22
Go visit a Golf shop-- they're just hard-shell golf club cases. They're very common here in the US, where going to national tournaments usually involves air travel, and thus putting your gear at the mercy of the baggage handlers and the TSA.

Gav's point should be taken into account-- they are much bulkier than soft-side roll bags. Here in the land of mastadon-sized SUVs that's not a consideration for many people, but fitting one into a Focus hatchback could be a logistical challenge. I use mine only when I travel by air.


-16th June 2003, 08:32
Oh well, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

I still like my wee 206 no matter it's fencing bag limitations.

Thanks to all:)

-8th July 2003, 08:30
Oooh, my club has a hard wheely bag thing! It's OK, if you have a lot of stuff. I like my bag though. I have a friend who keeps the blades of his swords in metal piping 1) to prevent them bending and 2) to prevent them piercing the side of his bag. I think that's quite clever really :)

-8th July 2003, 11:46
We'd an american coach over recently, he used a sturdy golf travel case for his kit. Only cost about $20us. Apparently he's used it for a few years and as for kit and weapon protection it's excellent.

-8th July 2003, 12:22
I've chatted about this with golfers on the train - I might investigate a golf bag.

-11th July 2003, 14:10
Yep, fencing bags don't always fit in the car. LP ones are probably the best for squashing in to the boot. Think those hard case bags are extra large.


-11th July 2003, 15:04
They're not too bad as one fits in the boot of R.19 diesel.

-14th July 2003, 03:05
a lot of kids at my club use the hard wheelie bags, in my opinion they are not that good, they are really big and clumsy, they protect you kit, but are difficult to manouver....just my opinion!
i still prefer my allstar wheelie bag!! :-)