View Full Version : Go Paul!

-25th March 2005, 12:55
Paul Dazely is still in! He is waiting to have his L32 fight if I'm right. The other two, Joe Craig and Chris Taylor, didn't make the cut, with Joe only winning one in his poule. And Chris didn't win any, however every fight but one ended 5-4. So good effort from them! And good luck Paul!!!!


-25th March 2005, 12:57
Just checked now and saw that Paul narrowly lost 15-14! What a fight that must have been! But well done Paul! And good luck to all in the team event.


-25th March 2005, 21:27
Well done lads.

-25th March 2005, 21:46
Well done Paul!:) :grin: :thumbs_up

Unlucky Chris and Joe. Getting there was a pretty good achievement in itself though!

Well done to everyone who went!

-19th April 2005, 20:55
good on ya paul..

Louis CB
-19th April 2005, 22:29
A little late, no?;)

We really need to be more worried about whether or not there'll even BE a world champs next year...