View Full Version : Fencing in scotland?

-5th April 2005, 15:49
Edinburgh specifically. My girlfriend is planning to study abroad there next year, and just this past year got into fencing and may or may not be interested in fencing while she is over there. Does anyone have any information regarding local clubs? Quality coaching would be nice, she fences epee. Any ideas?

-6th April 2005, 09:26
Edinburgh Fencing Club (http://www.edinburghfencingclub.co.uk)

Will she be studying at Edinburgh University or Heriot Watt? They both have clubs too.

-7th April 2005, 07:29
Get her to Fence in Edinburgh then you can come over and say hi to me.

-28th April 2005, 15:23
If your girlfriend wants some good quality coaching and sparring she could always cross over the bridge to West Fife Fencing Club in Dunfermline.
The majority of members are young, but we do have 3 x British Youth Champions (2 epee), 2 x silver medallists at epee and 5 bronze medallists (3 epee). Many of the kids are highly ranked cadets, and would jump at the opportunity to fence some adults at the club.
The club meets on a Mon, Tues and Thursday at Dunfermline High School 6pm - 9.30pm. 6 - 7 is the beginners class with electric fencing and individual lessons thereafter.