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-20th June 2003, 17:44
Still time to enter London Open Epee Events!

Men's Individual - Miller-Hallett Cup 28th June

Women's Individual - Milner-Barry Cup 29th June

Men's Team - Wilkinson Sword Trophy 29th June

Entry form & details can be found at:


-21st June 2003, 01:14
Up early tomorrow to catch the post (me, a team and there should be a women's entry as well) - I'll hack and harry the tribe over the weekend.

It's a good comp - very nice tea and cakes as well.

-21st June 2003, 09:18
Thank you for your kind words!

-21st June 2003, 12:39
I'm suprised at how late you guys have set the last entry date. I've already entered so I'll maybe see some of you when I'm down.