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-21st June 2003, 21:58
Just joined the newcomer list yesterday and wanted to congratulate the LP team for such a great web site and forum, have enjoyed reading many of the discussion topics and found it easy to get around the forum pages.

This will prove an invaluable tool for resource in the future as I get further involved with the complexities of fencing. Have learnt so much already and has saved me a fortune in phone calls and time by being able to look up most things here...Cheers!

Keep the good work up! Regards-Jez :party:

-23rd June 2003, 07:13

-23rd June 2003, 19:14
creeping won't get you a discount......:cheers2:

-23rd June 2003, 19:19
always worth a try :grin:

-23rd June 2003, 19:26
A little courtesy goes a long way-people remember you for recognising their efforts, I hope...! It's a good site, aside from all the whinging about this n that.

To any newcomer to fencing its a godsend. :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :thumbs_up Jez

-23rd June 2003, 19:40
Originally posted by Tubby
creeping won't get you a discount......:cheers2:

Amazing how some minds work! Shame on you! :o

-24th June 2003, 01:45
I gots ta hold true to my nature boss, I is a born cynic ;)

Barry Paul
-3rd July 2003, 11:27
Who says? It might.

Anyway thanks for your nice words, any feed back is good but positive feedback is even better.

-10th July 2003, 15:26
have to say that the site is awesome

I've managed to get advise on which comps to go to in the UK to improve my own standared, how to improve fencing in Ireland generally, where the sport is going, and what to look out for if I ever start my own club (very likely), and even learn something about the equipment - hereto I just throw my foil at the armourer and come back an hour later to find it miraculously repaired.

And talk about bringing ppl together - got an email from a french fencer on Fencing.net.
A week later he was in Dublin on business and visited my club

anyway, nice one - just look at the number of posts - I'm addicted!


great smileys too