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-24th April 2005, 20:53
Has any one had a problem with LP epee's arriving with kinks in them? Just i bought a new one and it arrived with a kink that makes it have a tendancy to bend upwards, have sorted out with a LOT of bending, just wondered wether it was a common problem?

-24th April 2005, 23:21
Getting blades/weapons posted to you does mean that you get what you are sent which may mean you get a dud one..

From experience if a blade at new tends to bend the wrong way, every time you get a solid hit it will tend to try to bend that way again... This is something I have found with all blades from all suppliers...

I guess metal has a kind of memory and tends to go back to how it starts, problem is an upward bend is not what you really want. (any metal experts out there??)

Generally getting seeing a blade B4 you buy is the best option, though not always practical...

iron maiden fan
-25th April 2005, 14:14
did'nt have this problem, from wot i understand lp epees are the best around. maybe it was a problem with the delivery.

-26th April 2005, 10:11
I've had it in the past with blades, from all suppliers. From experience they'll change it if you're not happy.

-26th April 2005, 10:25
LP are excellent at after sales enquiries.. give them a call if you're not happy. :)

-1st May 2005, 13:29
Thnx everyone ahve got it sorted now and it's working perfectly, thanks a lot for the advice though!/