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-26th April 2005, 14:19
I have noticed that a large amount of traffic in this section is all about which university fencing clubs are good or where to fence in certain cities if you go to university there. I thought that a good aide for prospective students would be a guide to the different clubs giving all the information they could possibly want. I have managed to get permission from BUSA (and crucially access to their website!) to go ahead with this.

If you are in charge of a university fencing club, or even if you are a fencer at a university without a club then please go to www.busa.org.uk/fencing and have a look in the news and features section. Or if you are feeling lazy click HERE (http://www.busa.org.uk/sport.asp?parent=20010001&section=0001000200010001&sport=2001000100360010)

As soon as I get a reasonable number of replies I'll put them up. So get set selling your university to 6th formers and graduates!