View Full Version : Leon Paul trainging aid

-23rd June 2003, 21:07
want to know about the feedback from the leon paul foil training aid buzzer. Would like to know if it distinguishes valid hits from off target hits.


Barry Paul
-4th July 2003, 15:06
No, It just signal when the point is depressed. Barry Paul

-4th July 2003, 19:07
we also use the foil training aid at the club. it is useful if you want to do without wiring up for practice. Ours not Leon Paul though, but must be the same type of thing.

-5th July 2003, 00:12
None of the units I have seen can tell between on and off target, but they are just magic for learning/teaching the flick and for practice at home. I highly reccomend them for flick training for foil and epee!

I have never used/seen the LP version but I would think it would be a decent unit. :drink:

Urban Spaceman
-23rd July 2003, 20:57
I found the foil training aid on the LP website but I haven't seen an epee training aid. Is there one ? I probaly can't see t'wood for t'trees as usual.

-24th July 2003, 08:59
There is an epee one on the LP site: