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-28th April 2005, 23:50
I have had a gap in my training (somewhere between a year to 18 months) and now the factors that were preventing me are reducing. I know I need to get fit again, and obviously will need blade work/ footwork for my fencing.

I am interested in keeping a log of how my body changes as I start the trainign again, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of things I should record - weight, resting heart rate are two obvious ones - I have a heart rate monitor I can use.

I am also going to keep a food/ exercise diary, though this is partly medical.

Any suggestions? And what can I learn from the data?

I have access to a fully equiped (I think) gym and swimming pool. My fencing clubs are some distance from home, but I am now hoping to able to go twice a week again (tiredness allowing).

I also have some basic equipment at home - a fit ball, a skipping rope (unused) and some little weights.

So if anyone wants to design me a programme....

-29th April 2005, 08:15
Hello doobaz,
I think the clue here is that you are keeping a diary for "partly medical" reasons. Therefore planning physical training exercises and goal setting should be done with a health professional.

Regarding the fencing side; remember the three Ts* and every fencing session do some work on them (tiredness allowing). You can write your own schedule of strokes.

*technique, tactics, timing