View Full Version : Epee Training Day, 27th July.

-25th June 2003, 13:20
RCP Fencing Club Presents:

The second in a series of

Single Weapon Training Days

To be held in:
Gorgie Dalry Community Centre
22 MacLeod Street,

On Sunday the 27th July, RCP fencing club will be holding an Epee Training Day. With BAF Coach David Rollo.

Check in will be at 9.15am, and the course will run till 5pm. Due to space restrictions, only the first 20 applicants with full payment will be entered on to the course.

Price for the full day: RCP Members 15, non-members 22.

Refreshments will be available to buy onsite.

To get more details, and entry forms, please check out:

rcpfc.co.uk (http://rcpfc.co.uk)

Or PM me!

-25th June 2003, 13:25

i'll be there - might even make one of my famous cheesecakes!

-25th June 2003, 18:16
You make cheesecake?????Bring one down to Miller Hallett!!!!!

-26th June 2003, 10:50
Sorry no can do!

You have to come to the training day.

-26th June 2003, 23:55
...but we're in Wales on our hols then!!!!! will have to give it a miss this time, but look forward to it on another occasion - you'll be missing my passion cake.....;) ;)

-29th June 2003, 21:17
PM1 - how many hols do you go on, this sounds like two in two months! How the other half lives. :sun:

-30th June 2003, 18:45
...gotta take them when the rest of the staff will let you, AND when there are no fencing comps to trek to.............ah me......and we're only camping, have pity on me, and I'll be helping cater for 44 scratty adolescents, so it's not REALLY a hollie, but it gets me away from the office/telephone/fax/COMPUTER!!!!!!;) ;) and we take Boy to Haverstock camp on the way home....peace for a week with no offspring at home(daughter in Wales too)....the joys of training camps...time to decorate boy's room, when I've dug it out......holiday, did I say??????

-30th June 2003, 22:18
Fair 'nuff. Can't really be too envious seeing as I'm off to some tree house for a week. Just us and the wee beasties and maybe some bugs. :thumbs_up