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-25th June 2003, 17:05
Ok, so I've got the kids all the gear, spare weapons and body wires, full tank of gas, vouchers for overnighting in hotels plus discount at Little Chef. Got the little gizmo to check body wires and foil/epee + the weights. Ok whats missing........... instructions on how to use the gizmo.

I bought a TT10 from LP and it comes with a little diagram on the back but this means nowt to me. Barry is looking for an instruction sheet for me. However I 've got all this gear begging to be used. Please can the enlightened share their wisdom on how to use the tester. Ok I got the batteries in, what now?

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3 Card Trick
-25th June 2003, 18:09

With the TT10 you can check bodywires and weapons and isolate faults.

The handy diagramme on the back shows you which position the slider button needs to be in for each weapon / bodywire you are testing. The representations of lights tell you which combination should come on/go off if the weapon/wire is working correctly, and which combination tells you you have a fault.

Before I forget let me impart one CRUCIAL piece of advice. DO NOT leave the tester in your bag/box with the slider button to the left. If the tester buttion is depressed when the slider is to the left the lights come on and the batteries may drain flat over a period of time.


Slider button to the left. Plug three pin end of bodywire into top three pin hole on TT10. Plug other end into foil. If the foil is working the red light alone will illuminate. Depress the point and the red light will go out.

No lights there is probably a break in the wire on the foil. Red light stays on when point depressed you've got a problem.


Again slider to left. Again use the top three pin socket on the TT10 and plug other end into epee. You should now have no lights on. Depress the point and you should only see the white light if everything is working correctly.

Foil Bodywire

Slider to the right

plug three pin plug into top three pin socket. Foil end (bayonet or two pin) into the approrpiate socket at the bottom and connect the crocodile clip to the pin.

If all is well you get both white and red light on.

Epee Bodywire

Use both three pin sockets and you get both lights if everything is o.k

I'm still using the TT10 I bought in about 1975, so you have probably made a sound investment.

If you need more send PM

-25th June 2003, 21:26
Thank you very much for that:yoda:man, as they say in golf (d'ya get it?)

So when I've got a foil plugged in with the switch to the left and I put the weight on the tip, what should happen if the foil is within spec?:rolleyes:

3 Card Trick
-26th June 2003, 06:54
Put foil weight on and depress so that the red light goes out. Release the weight and the spring should be strong enough to push the weight back up so that the red light comes back on.

Epee gauges: make sure the 1.5mm (thicker bit) will go into the space between the top of the base of the point(the bit that is fixed to the blade) and the tip.

Then use the 0.5mm (thinner bit) and depress the point. If the white light comes on the travel of the point is incorrectly adjusted.

Hope this helps.

-26th June 2003, 23:41

Once again, many thanks. I can start to experiment. Next on the shopping list:
small screw driver (flat head)
retractable blade box cutter (must remember not to put it with the cabin luggage)
insulating tape
5 spare epee tips with spring
5 spare foil tips with spring
spare screws
small magnet for the screws
small tackle box
felt cloth