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The Second Muse
-26th June 2003, 03:40
Today in practice, the barrel on my foil fell off. I am going to keep the blade and rewire it, as it's fairly new. Should I get wire from a fencing vendor, or just get wire from a store?

It seems like the threads to screw the barrel onto the blade are almost non-existant, and I was wondering if this is common in happening.

-26th June 2003, 12:17
It is much easier to buy a specific re-wire. You can get cotton insulated copper wire, but you also need the plastic cup and metal disc that locates in the barrel, both of which are specific to fencing.

I managed to get a 100m metre reel of insulated copper wire from the physics department at my old school. I don't know how easy it would be to buy in a shop. When I have broken a blade I normally take the plastic cup and metal disc out of the existing barrel and save them. So if I get desperate I make my own re-wires. You have to be careful that you don't burn the insulation where you solder on the metal disc. However, I normally take the easy option and buy a new re-wire.

With reference to the grub screws, if you make sure these are always covered in at least two layers of cloth based insulating tape they do not get damaged. Once they are damaged you can't access the point and spring. Just make sure you change the tape regularly.


3 Card Trick
-26th June 2003, 16:05
The barrel falling off isn't very common. Without seeing how much thread there is on yur blade it is difficult to tell if you have a problem. However, it is eassy enough to create more thread using the appropriate sized die.