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-26th June 2003, 10:29
I am sure there are many newcomers to fencing like me that don't know their fleches to their fleurets! To help us work out our septime from our sixte-could we please have a glossary of terms set up to help us understand the very complex terms of fencing?

Have had to get a book out from my local library to decipher what half of all these topics being discussed are about and to feel like I am a little involved too! Thanks-Jez.

3 Card Trick
-26th June 2003, 15:53
If you go onto the USFA website you will find a link to an FAQ site which contains a glossary.

-26th June 2003, 15:57
Thanks, will do. There is also a glossary of terms on fencing.net too. Will sure take a while to get to know them.

3 Card Trick
-26th June 2003, 16:03
They are the same.

Happy browsing.

-30th June 2003, 20:18
This is the best glossary I've found:

Glossary (http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Societies/fencing/glossary.htm)

If all the terms seem confusing, don't worry. I've only been fencing for 7 months, but I still sometimes muddles my coulés, coupés and binds, et cetera.

(I found myself asking an almost identical question to this one a few months back when I first discovered online fencing forums :) )

-30th June 2003, 20:38
Cheers Aoife,

In my head I call you Alfie like the geezer from Eastenders-its alot easier no offence! Obviously thats as far as the resemblance goes!!!

Ok then, must practice to walk before I can run as far as learning the glossary terms in fencing goes-my brain aches some days!

As far as your classroom colleagues are concerned (who you are most unfortunate to work with!), it just goes to show what some of the youth of today are like!!! God I sound like my granny but its true-the ones that pay less attention and become ill-educated really don't think before they speak and don't know their **** from their elbow! Ahem! Say no more! It all stems from ignorance because of lack of educated understanding...

If my two kids turn out remotely anything like that they'll be disowned!

-30th June 2003, 20:46
In my head I call you Alfie like the geezer from Eastenders

lol, it's okay. Most of the people on here haven't got to grips with how it's spelt yet, so at least you have that right :)

It's pronounced ee-fa if you're wondering. Though it might not make it any easy to work with in your head.

-30th June 2003, 22:46
If the glossary that Alfie gave you isn't enough, here (http://www.fencingsucks.com/humor/glossary.htm) is what the terms really mean. ;)

That like is an example of what I have heard called a "page from outer space", that is a page with no links or indication where it comes from. That's because it should be inside a frame, which you can find by going here (http://www.fencingsucks.com) instead.

-30th June 2003, 23:16
Hey thanks Mantis-lol its a great site, been there before. Oh the subtelty of the humour!

Q: Are you really a boring epeeist? Why is Muso uninspired? Dear oh dear people-give yourselves a kick up the backside and re-label the packaging with new cool names like Mantis pray that I don't slice you into a million pieces or Muso hellraiserII !

God, can't we tell we are so british, lacking confidence and a bit of self-belief! 'Sorry' names drag us down man! Believe, believe!

Bout time I transformed my own sig name in true Hollywood style then... :transport

-30th June 2003, 23:27
Mantis, or Mighty Mantis, is a nickname I picked up from the university fencing club in York when I was there around 1994-5 (I was in York longer but let my fencing lapse for the first year and a half). I only found out about this nickname a couple of years ago by chance when I met up with the ex-captain. ;)

If you see me at a competition I might have a maroon Univerisity of Manchester training top with "Mighty Mantis" on the back.

Yes, I'm an epeeist. Yes, I'm boring. Yes, sometimes people say they go together. Having said that I'm probably not boring enough to be done for passivity, now that I have seen the new rule enforced.

-30th June 2003, 23:43
Thats alright then! You're not a big girl's blouse after all! ;)

Passiveness only has its proper place in corrective parenting-we are talking big cat hunting here, if you don't catch you go hungry!

I will hopefully get to a comp in a few thousand light yrs-seeming as I only been doing this fencing 'lark' for a few wks. Got a feeling they just throw you in the deep end and its sink or swim, so maybe in six months time.

Don't know that I can wait any longer after that, just wanna get in there and slaughter and massacre and MURDER the hell out of anyone that comes near me!!! Ha ha ha!

I can hope to be Mighty and anything but Boring!


-1st July 2003, 08:30
Originally posted by jerry
Why is Muso uninspired?

Because everyone else has these natty little slogans under their names and I can't flippin' *think* of anything!!! I've been trying for weeks! :confused:

Muso hellraiserII !

Ummm, not really very me, I think.

-2nd July 2003, 19:18
Muso - the fencing answer to Hermione Granger

-2nd July 2003, 20:21
Originally posted by reposte
Muso - the fencing answer to Hermione Granger

I'll take that as a compliment :)

In fact, I might even use it as my 'subtitle' - ta Reposte! :) ;)

-2nd July 2003, 21:10
M U S O - Madame Undertaker Sorcerer Originale

Muso-I will try and limit the damage!

Muso-my best friend is Grace Jones and members of scarywomen.com!


(I don't charge for copyright. ) :)

-11th May 2004, 17:25
Originally posted by jerry
Muso-my best friend is Grace Jones and members of scarywomen.com!

argh! remind me not to do that again... went to scarywomen.com and there's men with their winkies out! My little mind is now scarred :(