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John Rohde
-19th May 2005, 12:22
The White Eagle Club now meets at Bristol Grammar School Sports Centre, in the McFadyean Suite, Wednesday, 7.00pm to 9.30pm.
For the next few weeks, things will only really be getting under way from 7.30pm but feel free to turn up earlier for a chat.
We are a few weeks into a small class for beginners.
Sessions start with warmup and some footwork before free fencing and individual lessons for those that want them.
We have two boxes and fence mainly foil and sabre.
The price is 5 per evening; 3.50 for under 18.
The atmosphere is informal and friendly.
The White Eagles regard themselves as heirs to the former Ognisko fencing club but you don't have to be Polish to attend - and most of us are not.
The Club has *no* connection whatsoever to the Bristol Grammar club that meets at the same venue.

-18th November 2011, 13:24
The White Eagle Club has moved and now meets at Unit 20, Lawrence Hill Industrial Park, Croydon St, Bristol, BS5 0EB between 7.00 - 10.00 pm

the club website is here http://www.bristol-white-eagle.org/