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-27th June 2003, 13:26
I havent fenced for more than ten years and I am keen to get back into the sport. I am looking for one to one tuition to get myself back into some reasonable shape. I did visit a very well known club in south west London and when I asked about coaching I was told to join a queue and wait for a five minute session. Frankly Ive seen better organised scout groups! Can anyone suggest where I might be able to find a coach that could help me. I am based in London. Thanks.


-27th June 2003, 14:11
As you're looking for an epee coach I would try speaking to Chris Howser from London Thames. Then again LTFC is a very well known club in south west of London.

Otherwise try Steve Davey at Aldershot, or Ian Keeble at Kingston F.C.. They both would be good coaches for someone making a comeback. If you want contact numbers give me a PM.


-27th June 2003, 20:25
Or Jes Smith at Poly or Tony Coton at Streatham - I can provide numbers.

-12th July 2003, 22:40
You'll be welcome at Poly Fencing Club, Regent Street, a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube. Re-open 15th September.
Contact jes@fencingmaster.co.uk