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-27th June 2003, 18:20
The University of Ulster Coleraine Fencing Club has got a new website that is easily updated through their content management system. You can visit the site at www.uucfencing.co.uk, and join their members area.

If you have a fencing website, please feel free to link to ours, and if you would like us to link to yours, please e-mail us so that we can get it set up.

If you have any comments about information on the site or any information on what you would like to see on the site, contact UUC Fencing Club at info@uucfencing.co.uk. One of the features of the content management system is that we can put new information on ourselves very quickly, including new images.

If you have any comments on the design of the site, or are interested in a site for your club, please contact Libertas Solutions at +44 (0)28 37552880, www.libertas-solutions.com or
info@libertas-solutions.com. You can find The three directors of Libertas Solutions are ex members of the club, and continue to hold honourary membership.

The site and content management system were supplied by Libertas Solutions, a software company based outside Armagh.

-30th June 2003, 09:57
does the link work?

-30th June 2003, 10:17
The previous link had a comma after it which is why it wouldn't work - stupid typo, sorry!

The link is www.uucfencing.co.uk (http://) and hopefully this will work! :o

-7th July 2003, 08:24

-16th July 2003, 01:48
Seems the link is not working still. But if you type in the address you might make it there eventually.

Nice site though!

-16th July 2003, 09:20
yup, and I have a new hero

If you read the "History of Sabre" section on the website it mentions a General Chablis...any sabre master who names himself after a great wine has to be a hero

North West Ireland Open is in October isn't it? probably see you then