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-27th June 2003, 21:12
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew why the prices on the Leon Paul website differ so much to the prices I was charged in their Camden shop today?

My foil cost me 30.18, yet on the website it's listed as 25.05 including VAT. Everything else I bought was significantly more expensive too. Is this just a case of the website being out of date?

I still have my receipt so if I have been overcharged I can go back to the shop...

Toni the newbie

-28th June 2003, 20:15
Errrr, what combination of requirement have you put in on the website, I've tried the lowest price comboes and the cheapest I can get on the website is 33.10. (Then there is postage).
Foil Electric, Pistol Grip
F5PE Options - Size: 5, Blade type: Paul Etoile , Handle Style: Crosse Plastic (150), Guard: Standard
Inside guard socket - Inside guard socket: Bayonet.
Even on the steam foil options I can't get to your 25.05:confused:

-28th June 2003, 21:24
The foil on the site that's 25.05 is a steam, French Grip, Paul Etoile, Size 5, Rubber Handle and Standard Guard.

Then there's postage on top of that.

No doubt one fo the mod's or barry will see this soon and be able to explain it , if not then you could always call or e-mail them.

-28th June 2003, 21:27
Sorry, I should have said, I'm a beginner so I've bought a steam foil just to start off with.

On the Leon Paul site, I went to "Shop" then "Weapons" then "Non-electric weapons" and chose a "Non-electric french/full length grip foil".

I chose the Paul Etoile Blade, rubber handle and standard guard. If your choose those and click on "add to shopping cart", the price quoted is 25.05 including VAT. For the same weapon in the Leon Paul shop, I was charged 30.18.

-28th June 2003, 21:55
OK, abridged lesson (according to me) in activity based costing (ABC). Most e-retailers will have prices on their website cheaper that in the shop. This is because the shop overhead (premises, rates, lighting, staff etc) is generally higher than the running of the online shop. To recover overhead without unduly subsidising another business activity, the retailer may use price differentials. This will enable the retailer to fully understand the cost of a business operation.

So if a decision on keeping a line open or expanding it is to be made then accurate cost information is needed, ergo price differential. Its a bit like the banks offering better interest rates on the web only accounts, they're cheaper to run. Lots of business sectors actively encourage migration on to the web through pricing differential for the benefit of reduced cost to the business shared with the customer.

No doubt your visit to the shop enabled you to hold the foil try on the glove and mask, someone looked after you, even gave you advice, put the stuff in a bag and said have a nice day. If you're getting that kind of service then I want a cheaper price on the website when I run a risk that the stuff I ordered may not fit or dare I say, make my a%&e look fat.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a refund on the basis that the web price is cheaper.

-28th June 2003, 22:07
Ah thanks! I too would expect a website to be cheaper, but as this wasn't specifically mentioned anywhere, I got confused.

Anyway I've just worked out the problem! I had asked for the most basic weapon I could get, as a beginner. However, I've been sold something that is rather better. It's not what I asked for, but I'm happy with it anyway - and I have worked out the pricing.

I just had a good close look at my foil. I have got a steam foil with a Paul France blade and a leather grip, and was charged the price for this as on the website. The basic foil I asked for would have had a Paul Etoile blade and a rubber handle and would have been a lot cheaper.

So, no worries! :D

Thanks again,