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-1st June 2005, 16:28
Hello. I'm thinking of standing for the Board of Directors on a ticket of representing student fencing, grass-roots fencing and referees more than they currently are. Does anybody think this is a good idea, and would you like to sign my nomination papers? I have several quite high-profile signatures but would like to have student fencer support: if not, it wouldn't be worth standing.
Aidan Byrne,
Wolverhampton Uni (and formerly Bangor Uni).

Dave Hillier
-1st June 2005, 18:37
I will sign your papers Aidan... But I'm not a student fencer any more (I was for an awfully long time though).

-1st June 2005, 18:43
Hello Dave. I thought I'd seen your name in The Sword (you seem to be fencing well recently). Cheers for the signature - much appreciated. I'll find out the procedure in the next day or so.

Finished your PhD then - you git! Mine's due in soon, though it'll have to wait until I finish failing (sorry, marking) 200 essays! Are you working?


-2nd June 2005, 11:14
Assuming this is about having a student fencing rep at BUSA I will happily sign for anyone willing to do the job, especially if Dave will.... and I am still a student for another year or so.

If it's about BFA/student liason, that is important too, so again, on Dave's nod :).

Dave is a foilist really now btw. :p

-2nd June 2005, 11:19
Hi Ceprab. There is apparently movement on the BUSA/BF front, and I'd want to get involved with that, but this is primarily on the British Fencing side - the Board is mostly old, and old friends - I thought it was time for a bit of fresh blood!

-9th June 2005, 10:59
Hello. If anybody would like to nominate me, drop me a line at a.j.byrne@wlv.ac.uk and I'll send you a nomination form by e-mail. It needs to be printed, signed and mailed back today or tomorrow at the latest.

I'm standing for:
better British Fencing communications
more youth representation
widening participation (class, ethnicity, socio-economic groups, geographically)
increased support for referees.

If this sounds useful, nominate me (and vote later).

Dave Hillier
-9th June 2005, 19:21
Hi Aidan

I have signed the form that you mailed to cerap (I am sharing a house with him at the moment) and will stick it in the post this evening.

I am out of academia, finished the PhD and am off working for a living in a job that is actually (shock horror) something to do with my PhD.

Good luck with yours and the BFA thingy.



-10th June 2005, 09:39
Thanks Dave - much appreciated.
Congratulations - you are an inspiration to us all! I certainly won't be getting a PhD-related job. My field is Welsh lit - this year I taught media studies, communication and Vietnam in American Culture - badly!

What's your job?

Foilling Around
-10th June 2005, 18:32
So you have an Irish flag as an avatar and your subject is welsh literature.....

You're obviously confused enough to be on the BFA board.

On a more serious note, I don't know you and I've not seen enough of your views on the forum to nominate you, but I am all for new blood on the board. Not that I dislike the board as such, but fresh thinking is always useful.

Look forward to hearing your manifesto.

Remember very few BFA members vote and I think that you'll find a high proportion of those that do read the forum. So keep us happy!!!

-11th June 2005, 09:28
Hello Paul. Your position on nomination is perfectly logical. As it turns out, I couldn't get enough nominations in time, so it'll have to wait until next year.

My feelings are that, although there are many good things going on, BF still seems remote and far too cosy. I'd like to get fencing into the position it's in in France or Germany, where they've managed to achieve elite standard fencing at the same time as making fencing a genuinely popular sport: most small towns have a salle and competitions are televised because people want to see it. No doubt there are class and economic reasons which make this difficult, but fencing shouldn't be so white and upper-to-middle class. Nothing wrong with white and upper-to-middle-class people, of course, but I just think that the sport has a lot to offer people from all sorts of backgrounds, and BF should be proselytising fencing in the same way that other sports have managed to do.

Other things that bug me are the poor communication skills of the administration, the costy nature of relationshps with manufacturers (when did the The Sword last exhaustively test or review a piece of kit?) and the way that the standards of behaviour aren't equal across the board: I've been around elite fencers enough to know that there's a certain degree of latitude if you are a top fencer or have plenty of friends. The new timings seem to be an issue: the foil committee or Keith Smith wrote to the FIE objecting to the new timings without apparently conducting any sort of survey or inquiry. I'm fairly agnostic about the changes (probably on the positive side), but I was concerned that the decision to put forward a position was taken without much reference to fencers in general.

Finally, I'm concerned about refereeing. I've refereed at the Winton, some junior internationals, the BYCs and a few others, and there are problems on both sides - misunderstanding rules, poor training and active cheating.

However, I'm not generally so negative: I love fencing and always find myself laying pistes on Friday nights, refeering on weekends (instead of finishing my thesis) and having a sore throat for coaching on Mondays, so I still think the future's bright!