View Full Version : Favourite fencer.

-3rd June 2005, 20:14
Seeing that every forum now has a similar thread we might as well bite the bullet and have one here too.

So who gives the most enjoyable lesson to watch or take part in?

-4th June 2005, 17:42
In France, and for épée i'll say Michel Sicard, i've got some lessons from him and that was great; and it's also a pleasure to watch him giving lessons

-6th June 2005, 17:00
Yeah i'd agree with that.

I think the most entertaining lesson i've seen was from Szepesi in Hungary last year. The most useful lesson's i've had are probably Pete Rome's sabre lessons.

-6th June 2005, 18:08
Vladimir Nazlymov was awesome - made me work really hard and very useful.

I don't think "enjoyable" is necessarily what you want out of a competitive lesson (when you are receiving it anyway). A good lesson is generally too tough to enjoy because the coach has to push you as though you are in a fight type situation at certain instances.

Enjoyable to watch, seeing someone else suffer what you have just suffered (but not what you are about to suffer)