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-6th June 2005, 19:37
An open invitation to any epeeist aged from 10 to 17: come to Upper Heyford on Sunday June 27th for a day of training !! It'll cost you £20 for the day - bring your coach, bring your parents, bring your mates !!

The objectives of TA training include:
1)To enable promising young fencers to meet and train with each other regularly outside their club environment, providing greater exposure to high quality training, alongside like-minded individuals.

2)To promote excellence and opportunity where they can be matched by ability and commitment.

3)To provide a “peer group” within which able young fencers can support each other and can feel supported at national/home country level, and be given advice, guidance and direction to assist them in the challenge of progression to selection for national/GB Cadet/Junior squads in due course.

4)To provide training over and above that which can be achieved by coaches within clubs either due to time constraints, or because some fencers do not have access to quality training. The TA days can be used to disseminate best practice, and will seek to supplement and support club coaches to fulfil the potential of promising young fencers.

TA's have groups in each weapon. Last year, epee provided 2 open days, and we look to do more this year, progressing to a development group as well.

The season will be lead by Bela Kopetka, a coach of world reknown, and having produced world champs. He is currently working at the University of Northumbria, and will be a coach educator. Whilst he cannot be at this first sesion, he will have mapped out the programme for the first 4 sessions.

It is proposed that this day will also have a referees course, so you will be providing the fencing matches for the refs to be examined on!! Parents might like to apply to take the Good Practice and Child Protection course also being held on that day.

For more info, pm me. Upper Heyford is off the M40 at Junction 9.


-7th June 2005, 07:16
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