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3 Card Trick
-18th April 2003, 08:28
I have been fighting with (and losing to) a broken spring from a spool. The metal has snapped close to the Plastic spigot thingy (I know it will have a proper name like "plastic nut thing). It seems that all I need to do is drill a hole in the metal spring to reattach, but what on earth do you have to use to get through thiss metal!!!!!!!!!!HELP

-18th April 2003, 11:15
If you have a stand mounted drill and a sharp drill bit it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't have access to a workshop with a turret drill try putting a block of wood close to the width of the spring in the base of a vice then place the spring on this. You will be able to apply much more pressure and it should get through.

YeOlde Armourer
-18th April 2003, 14:34
Spring steel is highly temper steel and try drilling it will heat it up and cause it to become brittle. You need to take it to a machine shop and have them punch a new hole in it for you. If you try drilling it will just break again.

Tim:sam: :grin:

-18th April 2003, 15:25
How big is the hole that you need?

I am not so sure that if you start with a small pilot hole (using a sharp drill and a cutting lubricant) that you will not be OK.

However, I do have to admit that I have never tried it!

3 Card Trick
-18th April 2003, 15:28
UM!!! All seems highly complicated, perhaps I should just get another spring:(

YeOlde Armourer
-18th April 2003, 21:23
As a armourer of 30 years experience believe me I have done it with pilot holes and lubicate under water to keep the heat down.
Any decent machine shop can punch a new hole in it without a problem.

Tim Loomis:sam: :moon:

Barry Paul
-20th April 2003, 21:54
Use a pillar /engineering drill, with a tungsten tiped drill, with the spring backed up on a piece of hard wood or soft metal, use plenty of lubricating oil and you can drill a new hole in the spring.