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-3rd July 2003, 09:28
Anyone out there got a complete command of how Olympic qualifying works?? and how many of our guys are likely to make it? Eg James Williams and Lou Bond-Williams are in the top 25 in the world - would that be enough for automatic qualification? I need to know what I'm up against if Im going to make it...:grin: STOP LAUGHING

Boo Boo
-3rd July 2003, 15:19
You might be starting a bit late to qualify for 2004, Tigger... :( (they have started counting A-grades since the beginning of May).

I think it is something like (MF, ME, WE, MS):
- top 4 teams qualify (3 people - of that countries choosing - per team. Assume that each team can take a reserve, but that reserve will not be able to fence in the individual)
- then the rest of the top 24 fencers, but no more that 2 per country (i.e. if a country has already qualified a team, they may qualify no more fencers). Keep counting down the rankings until 24 have qualified, but no more than two per country (or three if that country has qualified a team).
- the next highest ranked fencer for each zone (again, so that country has no more than 2 fencers in total for that weapon). I believe that Europe may qualify 2 for their zone?
- the winner (or top 2 for Europe?) of the zonal qualifying competitions.

For WF/WS, it is something like:
- Top 16 qualify, no more that one per country. Keep working down the rankings until you have the top 8 from seperate countries.
- the next highest ranked fencer for each zone (again, so that country has no more than 2 fencers in total for that weapon). I believe that Europe may qualify 2 for their zone?
- the winner (or top 2 for Europe?) of the zonal qualifying competitions.

I look forward to someone correcting this, because I have heard/read several different things on this - and am getting a bit confused :confused: . Can't seem to find the qualification criteria on the FIE website, either. Would be nice to see a version of the qualification criteria on the BFA website... ;)

So, Tigger, top 30/40 in the world (by end of April 2004) or being VERY good at winning qualifying competitions (don't know if the FIE/BFA will limit the number of people that the UK can send to this) should do it for men's Sabre. :)


-3rd July 2003, 21:07
Zonal Qualifying event entry - 1 fencer per country.

Boo Boo
-3rd July 2003, 21:40
Thought it might be...


-4th July 2003, 08:57
Thanx guys - clear as mud:rolleyes: Seriously tho, at least James W and Louise should qualify. Looks like James B is borderline. Maybe Cammy Datoo? Looks like no full team in any weapon again for the 4th time in a row?

Boo Boo
-4th July 2003, 09:22
Life would be easier if the FIE site published an "Olympic Qualification" ranking in addition to the rolling World Ranking that they currently publish.

Since Olympic Qualification started on 1st May, only results accumulated since then actually count.


-4th July 2003, 12:51
If only life were that simple!! I found information on FIE website through the news section...go back to around March/April where you'll find the final qualification criteria for Olympic Games.

As far as women's sabre and foil are concerned, there are only 24 places available to the rest of the world, apart from Greece!

Qualification is as follows:

+ First 8 FIE ranked (max 2 per country)

+ First 8 from adjusted FIE ranking by zone (1 per country)
- 3 from Europe
- 2 from Asia/Oceania
- 2 from Americas
- 1 from Africa

+ 8 from zonal qualifying competition (1 fencer per country not already qualified at that weapon)
- 3 from Europe
- 2 from Asia/Oceania
- 2 from Americas
- 1 from Africa

It also states that no more than 3 fencers in total from one country can qualify at each weapon...!! (I hope this is an error carried over from qualification criteria from those weapons with team events).

If I understand it correctly, then the number of different countries qualifying for the Olympics at WF and WS would be low.

Maybe I'm just being dippy, but I originally thought:

If a country has qualified fencers from one criteria (with max 2 from 1st criteria, 1 from 2nd and 1 from 3rd - so an absolute maximum of 2 fencers per country), then the rest of the fencers from that country were removed to give the adjusted FIE ranking. In this way, more countries would have a chance at qualifying at least one fencer.

It really looks like qualification is very tough at weapons with no team event. If you're from the European zone, to be guaranteed qualification at WS, you would need to be ranked in the top 12 or 13 (looking at current rankings)!!!

Boo Boo
-4th July 2003, 13:34
Thanks Caromel :)

I did look on the FIE news page, but obviously not well enough.

I think that you are right about no more than 2 qualifiers per country (so the rest of the fencers from that country are removed after two have qualified).

At least they take 3 from the European qualifiers - that gives the top British person (at that point in time) a chance.

The only real answer is, of course, to get African citizenship (especially if you are a sabruer) - gives you the best chance of qualifying probably :)

Its definitely cut throat out there...

And, if you get to the Olympics, it is directly into a REALLY tough DE - yikes!


-5th July 2003, 14:15
For qualification for Sydney, at Men's Sabre, there was no African fencer with any World Cup points, therefore, the next European fencer on the adjusted rankings qualified...

:blaaaa: ...this was a bit lucky for James Williams, since he got the place and didn't have to go through the hassle of a qualifying competition!

As for a tough DE, that is very true, but you should know who your opponent is gonna be, and can therefore be more prepared for your first match!

-15th July 2003, 12:59
Boo, dont be too sure!
Although you may have a good chance of qualifying with citizenship from an African country (it is admittedly easier foer an African fencer to qualify that a European fencer of similar ability), dont forget that you still need to have approval from your national olympic committee!
For us in South Africa qualifying is relatively easy, getting NOCSA to send us is the hard part: we qualified fencers for both Atlanta and Sydney, but they were not allowed to go because NOCSA would not send them!
So you are p[robably better off staying in Europe!:(

-24th July 2003, 11:16
Tigger - Could you possibly be Kernow's first representative for the Olympic Games - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11