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Touché Turtle
-26th July 2005, 15:36
I notice on the LPJS website there is supposed to be a foil fixture in Brighton for some time in October. (ok, sorry this seems a long way off, but I need to plan several months ahead in my diary).
Does anyone know the exact date yet, as I would like to leave the day free.
Thanks :)

-14th August 2005, 19:22
Brighton L.P. Tournament has regretably been cancelled. It is hoped that another date can be arranged next year. Fearnhale.

-15th August 2005, 13:16
That is a shame - we were looking forward to a day in Brighton! :(

It is still showing on the LPJS calendar as 29/10.

-19th August 2005, 11:17
Ok I have just found out it has been cancelled but should be running next year.

Touché Turtle
-24th August 2005, 19:47
Thanks anyway! Will look forward to next years then...

-19th September 2005, 12:35
More LPJS required at the seaside. Dorset and Devon never seem to be mentioned much so how about a LPJS in both of those (any excuse for a weekend at the sea!)

Touché Turtle
-19th September 2005, 12:54
Hang on! there's already one in Cornwall, we need more on the east coast. :) Clacton is..... er....... sandy. ;)

*trying a vain attempt at saving petrol money somehow...*

-19th September 2005, 12:58
Couldn't agree more Touche!! Although....Clacton??

What about a bit further up at Aldeburgh? That would be nice!

Do the Southend clubs ever get involved in LPJS events?

Touché Turtle
-19th September 2005, 13:07
Ok the Clacton suggestion was a bit tongue in cheek, but it is the nearest seaside to me!
Would be nice to have a local LPJS though. The nearest at the moment is Cambridge.

-19th September 2005, 14:08
Southwold would be better. As for Clacton, does it still exist?

East is East and West is West and West is always best!