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-10th August 2005, 12:21
currently i am a sneior member however I notice some people are gurus or have just mad up there own title, how many posts do you need to make to achieve this?

-10th August 2005, 12:24
I just noticed my spelling on last post, sorry despite what it looks like I dont have aixelsyd.

Naughty foilist
-10th August 2005, 12:25
I think you can change it after a 100 posts, just keep it clean or the mods get aggitated

-10th August 2005, 12:26
Click User CP
Click Edit Profile

Try and change your Custom User Text by entering a new title and clicking the Submit Modifications button.

If you can't, then you need more posts!

-10th August 2005, 13:34
Thanks guys, d'oh I did a man look on edit user profile before and did not see it. Used the trusty find on this page to find it this time.

-15th August 2005, 18:35
Off topic but is Kingston still on or is it on break for the holidays?