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-18th April 2003, 17:55
http://www.fencingsucks.com/ (fencing humour)
http://www.djmatstevens.co.uk/ (mate o mine)
http://www.mfr.co.uk (great radio station, online listening too)
http:www.rimestimes.com/ (for all you fellow LeAnn Rimes fans)

-19th April 2003, 18:15
maybe we should rename this thread to spam-a-rama? :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Oh well, I'm not one to miss out on a chance at a shameless plug, so here goes:

http://www.come-to-chat.com (my chat network)
http://www.martinjgreen.me.uk (my personal site)
http://www.thehumoursite.com (my humour site - hey some fencing humour would be cool, if anyone's got any :D)

-20th April 2003, 09:09
Hey Neo, want fencing humour? Look at my post above, there is a good one there.

-20th April 2003, 12:00
www.download.com (http://www.download.com ) is the best website in the world.
It has pretty much everything from peer to peer programs (kazaa) which allow you to share files over the net to all the old arcade classics like space invaders etc...

Best of all it's nearly all free.

-20th April 2003, 18:23
On this note... take a peak at

www.picturetrail.com/Aoife303 (http://www.picturetrail.com/Aoife303) (pictures of me, friends, my cat, and cars I like.... I like cars :tongue: )


www.writing.com/authros/bloodklotz (http://www.writing.com/authors/bloodklotz) (poems, short stories, political articles, and other random stuff I've written)