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-7th July 2003, 16:13
I've heard that there is a new type of foil tip and barrel. Apparently you can screw the barrel on and off with out breaking the wire. It is therefore possible to replace the complete tip as often as you like, without having to re-wire the blade.
Has anyone seen or used these?
I'm told that they are very expensive, so I'm not sure if they are worth the money, but less re-wiring still sounds good to me.

Does anyone have any idea on how these things work? How does the end wire connector lock on to the blade and is the system reliable and robust?


-7th July 2003, 16:50
I don't think that this is anything new. Certainly I've seen a wiring technique described that does this. It's listed in the American book - Magnum Libre d'Escrime [Big Book of Fencing] by Rudy Volkmann.

-7th July 2003, 18:36
You may be thinking of the screwless points, variants of which have been around for some time. The Schermasport (http://www.negrini.com/Ert198SSV.htm) point is one of the currently produced ones. Estoc also makes one. They do have a barrel which screws on to the blade just like any other point, and you can't remove it without breaking the wire. The difference is that the tip has an integral sliding sleeve that threads into the end of the barrel, rather than held in by screws through the barrel.

Joe Biebel (whose free-wiring trick is what Rudy describes) is a member of my club. You can accomplish it with any point, so long as you've got a fine pair of tweezers and a steady hand. Spooling the bare wire in the contact cup (whether you do it before or after the point is in place does eliminate the solder/crimp joint between the wire and the contact disk, which is one of the most common spots for a wire to break. However, it does not provide as even a surface for the spring to rest on. Joe doesn't use this approach to wiring blades currently. He did recently experiment with the Estoc screwless points, and found them too easily damaged. The Schermasport points are better made, but quite pricey (nearly twice as much as an Uhlmann point with the new alloy barrels).


-9th July 2003, 10:03
The schermasport points can be got from negrini UK (PM lindasy watkiss!). They have a link on the BFA site on equipment. I've heard good things about them, despite the price

-14th July 2003, 03:06
i saw somthing like that on the lp website last night.....i cant remember the name of it...but it sounds the same