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-6th October 2005, 15:11
Craig has announced that there will be coverage of the WCs on fencing.net. I have reposted what he has to say here:

Complete 2005 World Championships Coverage at Fencing.Net!
I am very pleased to announce that fencing.net will feature full coverage of the 2005 World Championships.

FencingPhotos.com will provide a daily dose of pictures from the 2005 World Championships that highlight the action and intensity inherent in fencing.

In addition to the photographic content, fencing.net has a dedicated reporter who will be at the venue for the duration providing daily event recaps as well as other stories and interviews that develop from the event.

Fencing.Net's event coverage will be submitted by Kevin Mar, head coach of the Washington Fencing Academy.

Kevin Mar is a contributing photographer for FencingPhotos.com and co-founder of the Washington Fencing Academy. He has photographed fencing at national competitions and studied fencing over the last 7 years. He has written articles for newspapers and magazines and Kevin is currently writing a book on goal setting. He is also a competitive epeeist and vice-chair of the Western Washington Division of the USFA.

Kevin will join FencingPhotos.com owner and Official FIE Photographer Serge Timacheff in Leipzig to provide Fencing.Net's readers with the most focused coverage available of the 2005 Fencing World Championships.

Please welcome Kevin to the Fencing.Net team.


Does anyone know if there will be a published 'diary' or something from the British team?

-6th October 2005, 15:26
Originally posted by Gav
Does anyone know if there will be a published 'diary' or something from the British team?

HA, HA, HA!!!:rolling:

Er, no, I don't think there is...



-6th October 2005, 15:35
Well you've got to ask...